Affordable Homes

Lawrence Community Works Park Island housing render

Spring 2019 – Affordable housing in Lawrence and Dorchester

We are proud to be  working with Lawrence Community Works, a long-standing non-profit organization that is improving life for low-income residents of Lawrence.  Together, we just completed five new homes on long-vacant lots in the heart of Lawrence.  This project will transform the neighborhood...

The Dorchester Micro Units

Fall 2018 – Affordable Homes & Passive House Projects

Our Newton backyard infill house is taking shape. After many months of planning and permitting, the frame is now complete, the roof is on and interior work will be taking place in the winter. We are so exited to see the progress on this project! In...

View out of our non-profit office space in progress.

March 2016 Current Projects

While the firm has always designed offices and workspaces, in recent years we've been doing more and more work creating sustainable workspaces for Boston area non-profit organizations.  Here are some progress shots for one that we're particularly excited about (see more here).  The open floor is...