Colorful, bright commonhallway.

Lawrence Community Works is more than thrilled to recommend Boehm Architects. Their work at Union Crossing Commercial resulted in beautiful office and art studio spaces for a wide variety of tenants while working with a short time frame and slim budget. They made great use of color and architectural details to create spaces that are warm, well defined and individualistic.
We greatly enjoyed working with them.

Lisa Kozol
Director of Real Estate Development
Lawrence Community Works

Sotor home renovation

In terms of working with the team at Boehm Architecture, they were knowledgeable, attentive, and engaged. They were willing to work within our timeline and budget, advising us where it was worth spending and where we could save. They were open to our taking on aspects of the project that we were interested in working on – sourcing materials and appliances, developing initial plans for the bath and kitchen, etc. – while providing expert advice and oversight. And, not only are they a superb architectural team, they are a lot of fun to work with. We cannot recommend them highly enough – great company!

Bettina McGimsey
Lexington, MA

Lena Park Community Center.

Boehm Architecture was the designer of the 10,000 square foot Lena Park Community Center.  The job involved a complex core and shell fit-out of the basement of a historic building.  Boehm’s design vision transformed a previously drab space into a vibrant community resource that is both visually open and functionally flexible.  The space in turn provided an excellent forum for Lena Park’s diverse programming.  During construction, Bill and Jen were tremendously responsive and were creative when guiding us through challenges faced in the field.  I would recommend Boehm Architecture to other community-based organizations looking to build community resources within historic buildings.

Peter Erhartic
Project Manager
Urban Edge

Welcoming, functional entryway.

Bill and team paid attention to the details that made us fall in love with the house and guided us through a process of modernizing and expanding in a way that incorporated and highlighted those details. Though the ceilings remain low due to the characteristic “cape” style of the house and we still have a windowless roof facing the street, the house glows with light, giving the illusion of height and space. Finally, Bill and team worked to incorporate energy-efficiency into the design, since being green (within our budget) was important to us. Bill helped us to understand our choices and educated us on different factors that go into green design. We loved working with Bill Boehm and team and we love the one-of-a-kind home they created for us.

Judy Livermore
Andover, MA

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