Summer 2022 Update

We have been extra-busy during the pandemic, despite the vagaries of the supply chain and associated construction delays.   Phase 1 of Island Parkside Housing is taking shape.  Everyone is excited about this transformative development.  Read more about it here. 141 Westville Ave - our affordable 'micro-units' project is also


Summer 2020 update

Big news: Island Parkside Housing in Lawrence received full funding from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development!  This is the green light for Phase 1 of this amazing project.  We have committed to making this a  Passive House project - certification is in process. Our

Lawrence Community Works Park Island housing render

Spring 2019 – Affordable housing in Lawrence and Dorchester

We are proud to be  working with Lawrence Community Works, a long-standing non-profit organization that is improving life for low-income residents of Lawrence.  Together, we just completed five new homes on long-vacant lots in the heart of Lawrence.  This project will transform the neighborhood

The Dorchester Micro Units

Fall 2018 – Affordable Homes & Passive House Projects

Our Newton backyard infill house is taking shape. After many months of planning and permitting, the frame is now complete, the roof is on and interior work will be taking place in the winter. We are so exited to see the progress on this project! In

Somerville house in Scout Somerville

Spring 2018 Monthly Update

Great news! This March Scout Somerville published a great article titled Planning a Thoughtful Renovation. Our very own Bill Boehm was interviewed on subjects like how to make a space feel larger without giving up valuable square footage, timing of projects (it's definitely not like on

Cambridge green home design exterior

2017 End of the year wrap up!

  It's been a busy year in the office, with a whole range of projects!  Our lobby and office renovations for the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard campus have wrapped up, and they're looking really great (if we may say so ourselves)!  Our ongoing relationship with RTH


July 2017 Monthly Update

We've been really busy on several projects (and still are!), and slacked off on keeping in touch!  Picking up the torch from the last monthly update, we've got a mix of institutional and residential!   On the institutional side, the lobbies and office renovations we've been

Boston green home design entry view.

November 2016 Current Projects

We had a busy October and missed an update, but we're back!  These two past months have had some really great projects occupying us: construction has kicked off on one of our Newton home renovation projects, schematic design is proceeding well in our other

Thumbnail view of cambridge interior

September 2016 Current Projects

We skipped August since the team was rotating through vacations, but we're back in full swing now!  In Boston, we have renovations for the lobbies and administrative offices of an affordable housing development moving into bidding.  We have worked hard to mesh these with the

Newton renovation schematic design sketch

July 2016 Current Projects

We missed a month there, but for good reason - we've moved!  The Boehm Architecture office is now in Somerville!  See our Contact Us page for the full address of the new office.  We have oved into a shared office space managed by the fine folks