Deep Energy Retrofit

An 8-year working relationship with a family just outside of Boston has resulted in an ongoing, comprehensive overhaul of their home into a sustainable urban homestead. The owners are energetic and committed to a green lifestyle – managing an intensive vegetable garden, keeping chickens and rabbits and moving toward a net-zero carbon footprint.

The project consists of a series of phased renovations and additions, including a ‘Deep Energy Retrofit’ – a heavily subsidized pilot program promoting super-insulated, airtight renovations to existing homes. Green home design features include 10″ thick walls, triple-glazed windows, and a passive-solar greenhouse/mudroom- combining for a nearly negligible heating demand.  Still in the planning: roof-top solar panels, a new front porch, and side-yard aquaculture!


Contractor: Synergy Construction
Energy Consultant: Building Science Corporation
Structural: LeBrasseur Engineering


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