Green Panels

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and the Boston Architectural College, we developed a panelized wall system for use in affordable housing. The panel employs advanced framing and insulating techniques to increase resource efficiency, using less wood and more insulation than conventional construction, resulting in a green home design. Prison inmates built the panels as a part of their carpentry training program. Other inmates built a prototype house with the panels, for use as a home for family visits with soon-to-be-released inmates. The goal of the initiative is to provide skills training for inmates while producing wall panels for non-profit affordable housing developers.


Design Development Team: John Judge, Judge Development; Caitriona Cooke, LeBrasseur Engineering
Boston Architectural College Students: Gabriel Bergeron, Jason Chambers, Nathan Turner, Patrick Derosier, Lono Hunter, Kevin Kacamburas, William Pyler, Patrick Rettig, Kevin Wyrsch, Sarah Zarum.


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