Lena Park Community Center

Lena Park Community Development Corporation is an important provider of community programs for youth and families in Mattapan and Roxbury.  Looking to renew their mission and facilities, they decided to sell a portion of their historic building to finance the creation of a new community center.

We initially came into the project to undertake an extensive building evaluation study of the 8,000 sf basement level of a 1950’s gymnasium building.  This included determining historic preservation issues, performing a structural evaluation, and assessing mechanical systems, as well as preparing a preliminary design concept.  We then proceeded with full design, envisioning daylight-filled, flexible, interconnected spaces suitable for a variety of uses.  The new Center includes classrooms, a multi-purpose assembly space, lounges, and office spaces characterized by transparency, informality and lively color.


Owner: Lena Park CDC
Project Manager: Urban Edge
Contractor: Kaplan
MEP: Norian/Siani
Structural: LeBrasseur Engineering


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