Newton Back House


An ambitious and talented couple invited us to create a second home on the property of their older single-family home in Newton.  This challenging project tested Newton’s historic and zoning regulations and resulted in a very sustainable and compact second dwelling.  The new home is barely visible behind the original ranch house from the 1950’s era cul-de-sac.  From the adjacent street, the new home is a fitting neighbor to the older victorian homes.  Retaining ample open space on the modest lot resulted in a vertical home – four floors linked by a light-filled and sculptural staircase.   The owners selected the interior finishes and lighting in a collaborative effort with our office.  The home is built to high energy efficiency standards, testing out with a HERS index of 49 (51% more efficient than a conventional new home).


Contractor: Tom Zou

Structural: H+O

Civil: DGT Associates

Energy Consultant: Mark Price


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