Somerville House

This complete renovation of a deteriorated three-unit Somerville apartment house was the result of a successful collaboration between the architects, owners, energy consultant, and builder. This green home design involved removing three previous additions to create an efficient, light-filled two-unit home. A “reverse plan” placed bedrooms on the ground level with the main living space above to take advantage of views of the Boston skyline. The project is Energy Star certified, with estimated energy usage of 51% below a comparable, conventionally built home (HERS index: 49).
Sustainable design features include: a compact layout, maximized daylighting, advanced building envelope design, super-insulated windows, and a high-efficiency heat pump for both heating and cooling.


Energy Consultant: Caitriona Cooke
Contractor: Beasley Custom Builders
Structural: Boston Building Consultants
Photography: Edua Wilde


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