Summer 2022 Update


Summer 2022 Update

We have been extra-busy during the pandemic, despite the vagaries of the supply chain

and associated construction delays.


Phase 1 of Island Parkside Housing is taking shape.  Everyone is excited about this

transformative development.  Read more about it here.


141 Westville Ave – our affordable ‘micro-units’ project is also framed up and moving

toward completion.  Our amazing clients Vivian and Elisa Girard are building this with

their own four hands, and are also getting a garden going so that when folks move in,

there will be fresh strawberries waiting for them!


We are excited about a new home that we have designed in the farmlands of central Wisconsin.

It is nestled into a steep wooded site overlooking a bucolic valley.  The house is designed to

relate to the local farmhouse vernacular, while being highly energy efficient, open and light-filled.











Our rural Quebec home is inhabited and performing well, built to Passive House principles.

This is a work-in-progress, with interior details and exterior utility structures still underway.


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